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Source 1: Transporting the cannon

This entry in the Accounts covers the payment of wages to smiths for maintaining the cannon in England, for repairs to the wagons to transport them and to workmen to load the artillery and equipment for the journey south.

Image shows a page from the Exchequer accounts, 1513. National Records of Scotland reference: E30/3 fol.81v.

(National Records of Scotland reference: E30/3 fol.81v)


August 1513

Item, to Barcar, smyth, and his ij seruandis, to pas with the gunnys
and wyrk to thaim in Ingland to guid compt,

x li

And to him in Ingland, at the kingis command

xl s

Item to ane smyth to pas with him, in hand xl s; and
in Ingland xx s; Summa

iij li

Item, for ane ox bocht at Dalkeith for ane ox that ane cannon
ran our and brak his nek

xxxij s

Item, the slayne ox gevin to the werkmen to ete.
Item, to ane smyth in Dalkeith that mendit ij greit boltis, four
slyngis, and yokegeir

v s


IIc xl li iiijd

Item, Setterday the xx day of August, to xl werkmen that wrocht
the wolk precedand at the furth putting of the gunnys , close cartis,
powder, gunstanis, and all the ordinans, ilk man in the wolk

iiij s


xi lib iiij s

(National Records of Scotland reference: E30/3 fol.81v)


August 1513

Item, to Barcar, smith, and his 2 servants, to pass with the guns
and work to them in England to good account,


And to him in England, at the king’s command


Item, to a smith to pass with him, in hand 40s.; and
in England 20s.; Total


Item, for an ox bought at Dalkeith for an ox that a cannon
ran over and broke his neck


Item, the slain ox given to the workmen to eat
Item, to a smith in Dalkeith that mended 2 great bolts, four
slings and yoke gear



£240 4d

Item, Saturday the 20th day of August, to 40 workmen that worked
the week preceding outside putting the guns, farm carts, powder,
gun stones and all the ordnance, each man in the week



£11 4s

(Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland, Vol IV, 1507-1513, p. 519)



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