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Source 2: Letter from King Louis XII of France, 1512

Image shows a letter from Louis XII of France, 1512. National Records of Scotland reference: SP7/21/54

(National Records of Scotland reference: SP7/21/54)

Transcript of extract

Au dernier dit le roy trescrestien que si ledit
roy d’Angleterre fait la guerre en France que ledit
roy trescrestien baillera a sondit bon frere le roy
d’Ecosse port, faveur, ayde et tout le secours qu’il
pourra pour conquerir le royaulme d’Angleterre
et n’y aura faulte de son couste comme plus aplain
luy a fait dire par son ambassadeur et depuys
par Monseigneur de Mourraye et persiste et [persistera]
ledit roy trescrestien en ce que luy en a este dit.
De par luy


(National Records of Scotland reference: SP7/21/54)

Translation of extract

If the King of England invades France, the King will send to the King of Scots all the help he can to conquer the Kingdom of England.

As to the last article, the said very Christian King said that if the King of England wages war in France, the said very Christian King will render to his good brother the King of Scots, harbour, favour, aid and all the help he can, in order to conquer the Kingdom of England, and there will be no failing on his part as will more clearly be explained by his ambassador and after that by Monsiegneur de Mourraye and the said very Christian King is resolute and [will continue to be resolute] in support of what has been said to him.

On behalf of the King, Louis



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